Juice Extractor vs Juicer, What Are The Differences?

Although they have some differences, juice extractors and juicers are a great addition to your kitchen especially if you want to enjoy healthy juices and blends. It is however important to understand a few factors when deciding on which is best for you thus giving you an opportunity to get the services that you seek. The difference between juice extractor vs juicer is generally in their juice making mechanisms and below is a list of some of the major differences that you should be aware of.

Common juicer vs juice extractor differences

    Juice fineness: – One of the biggest differences between a juicer and a juice extractor is that the latter allows you to separate the pulp and the juice during extraction while other former will allow you to enjoy the pulp together with your juice. This is possible when using foliage, fruits and vegetables. When using a juice extractor, what you get is pure juice from your fruits and vegetables as the seeds, skin and pulp are separated effectively during the process.

    Motor size & power: – Another major difference between juicers and juice extractors is that juicers have a smaller motor compared to the extractors. This makes juicers a little bit more powerful compared to their extracting counterparts.

    Cost: – In terms of juicer vs juice extractor cost the latter a little bit pricier. This makes juicers a little bit more affordable and accessible for many people. However, the difference is not very major.

    Features: – Juice extractors have some additional features which are not found in juicers and this gives you a little more options to work with when creating your juice. These include pulp ejection system and additional speed control buttons.

    Juice quantity: – Juicers normally yielding more juice for you especially because they allow the pulp into the end product. If you are looking for more juice and have no problem with pulp, then a juicer will be ideal for you. However, if you are okay with little juice and do not want pulp, a juice extractor will be ideal for you.

    Appliance capability: – When it comes to juice extractor vs juicer functionality, the former has the capability to work on tougher substances including roots and fruits such as beetroot. Juice extractors also work well with soft vegetables and therefore can be said to be more reliable.

With these essential differences between juicer vs juice extractor clearly understood, picking the desired appliance is always easy. However, it is important to know that there are different brands in the market and picking the right brand for whatever appliance you want will be essential. It is always important to choose a juice or juice extractor that is dishwasher friendly for easier cleaning.

Additionally, you will need to look for an appliance that is made of a sturdy material construction for durability purposes. A juicer or juice extractor that does not trap food will also be good for healthy purposes. This is an important factor as it will help avoid bacteria growth which could be harmful for your health.

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