7 Steps On How To Clean A Juicer

Owning a juicer is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy fresh juices and thus enjoy perfect health right from the center of your kitchen. However, continued use of these appliances could leave them looking messy and stained if not properly cleaned and therefore it is important to understand on how best to clean juicer and juice extractors as well.

The cleaning process should go beyond simple rinsing to thorough cleaning as only this will help remove the mess plus the stain elements associated with fruits and vegetables.

How to clean juicer properly

The first thing you will need to establish is whether your juicer is washable using a dishwasher and if it is not, then you will need to wash it manually. Once this is established, follow the following steps to do the cleaning.

    1. The first thing should be to make sure that you have all the necessary cleaning equipments or tools required. These include a soft cloth, juicer cleaning brush, sodium bicarbonate, gentle dish-washing soap, white vinegar and water of course.

    2. Unplug the juicer from the power source and detach all parts that are detachable. These include pulp guard, pusher, pulp collector and the filter among others.

    3. Discard the pulp from the juicer and rinse the jug and other parts with clean water. This will help remove the collected pulp ready for the cleaning process.

    4. Add a gentle dish-washing soap to some warm water in the sink and then soak the different juicer parts in the solution leaving them to rest therein for 15 minutes or so. This will help loosen the tough deposits ready for the cleaning process.

    5. Using a soft bristled juicer brush, clean each detached part and them soak in another sink or container filled with a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate. This solution is effective for loosening pulp fibers if any making their removal hassle-free. At this stage, give some thorough attention to the mesh thus eliminating any clogs that could have accumulated during the previous juice making process.

    6. If any of the parts is already stained, use the white vinegar and a wet soft cloth to deal with the stains. While vinegar will work perfectly well in removing stubborn stains on the different parts.

    7. Once satisfied with the cleaning, rinse the different parts in clean warm water and then position them on a safe platform to dry.

You should wait for the juicer parts to dry before assembling the appliance again ready for use. it is also important to clean the motor house with a wet cloth (squeeze the water completely) to prevent any water from accessing the electrical inner parts. Your juicer should be cleaner after every use to prevent staining and bacteria growth.

It is also important to know how to clean juicer if it is dishwasher friendly. Follow the user manuals but remember only the stainless steel basket, pulp container, juice cover and filter bowl surround should be washed in the dishwasher but in the top shelf alone.

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